How to sync calendar with Outlook 2016/2019/2021?

How to sync with Outlook 2016?

If you are considering syncing your or Hotmail (also known as Windows Live) calendars with your Outlook 2007-2021, there is a simple method to achieve this. By using EVO Collaborator for Outlook, you can connect your Office 365/ Live Mail calendar to the Outlook software on your Windows desktop.

Here is a brief instruction to configure sync profile:

1. Download and install EVO Collaborator for Outlook from the official EVO website.
2. Open Outlook and go to “Configure Profile(s)” under the EVO ribbon.
3. Enter your account details (, Office365, Exchange Online) in the “not configured” slot and click the TEST button to initiate OAuth.
4. Once the initial synchronization is complete, add a calendar entry in your local Outlook. EVO Collaborator for Outlook will detect the changes and start a synchronization session.
5. You can also add calendar entries on the web interface, and EVO Collaborator for Outlook will automatically sync the changes during the scheduled sync session or a manual sync session.

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