De-list from Spamhaus & DNSBL

De-list from Spamhaus’s SBL, XBL and PBL and from DNSBL or RBL

Many major mail servers account for Spamhaus’ credibility on their spam listings. Therefore, delist your mail server before moving forward so to facilitate mail deliveries afterwards.

  1. Spamhaus –

    • What is Spamhaus PBL? PBL keeps track IP segments where spammers use them for establishing spam sources or likelihood. At the same time, these segments are usually used by ISP to accomodate dynamic IP addresses that are issued to their customers for Internet connection. If your mail server happens to obtain an IP within that range, then mail recipients on the other end may complain to your users because strings such as ‘Spamhaus-PBL’ in mail subject looks annoying. Please follow the steps below to delist your IP or domain from Spamhaus ZEN listing:
      • Go to Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center.
      • Enter either an IP address or a domain name and click on Lookup.
      • If listed as in this case below, click on PBL414292 and follow Removal Procedure to delist your IP address or domain.
      • Please wait a few hours up to a day for the de-list update to spread across Internet.
  2. DNSBL or RBL –

    • DNSBL or RBL are usually referenced by recipient mail servers upon making decision of rejecting incoming mails or not. In order to prevent mails from your users from being rejected or denied, please follow the steps below to scan whether your mail server IP is being listed. If it is in the lists, please click into the each listing website to follow their instructions to be delisted:
      • Go to
      • Enter your IP in the space surrounded by white circle and click on CHECK THIS IP.
      • By checking entries below, listings with green circles in the front mean your IP is not listed while listings with red circles in the front mean your IP is listed.
      • Click on the entry with red circle. You will be redirected to a introduction to that particular DNSBL or RBL. Then, click the link below to enter listing website and follow instructions to get your mail server IP delisted.