Bulk Mail Distribution

Bulk Mail Distribution

There is simply no way to fight against major mail servers and force your bulk mails into their mailboxes. If you can’t fight it, why not join it? Follow their rules and you will be greatly rewarded.

  1. Mass spam mails jeopardize a healthy Internet B2C community.

    • Legit business company must fight against spmmers and regain its right to send bulk mails.
  2. Antispam mechanism sometimes is too powerful to influence privilege of legit mass mail distributors.

    • Be sure to take good care of your bulk mail distribution mechanism to avoid your bulk mails being classified as spam
  3. What can we do to make our mass mail being differentiated from antispam?

    • Make sure your mailing list comes from a legit source (i.e. from your customer database)
    • Delist your mail server’s domain name and IP address from any DBL whenever you found it in the list
  4. Legit mass mail distributors need to identify themselves correctly:

    • Static IP
    • Reverse IP resolution
    • Set mass mail distributing SMTP as the first or second MX host
    • Include this mass mail SMTP in SPF record
    • Provide unsubscribe option in the mass mail
    • Include header of Precedence: bulk in the mass mail and abide to RFC2822’s email writing rules
    • Deploy SMTP-capable mail server instead of spam mail software
    • Delist invalid email addresses that cannot be reached to reserve precious Internet resource
  5. Legit mass mail distributors need to follow by the book: