How to install Aptoide TV on Mi TV or Android TV box

This article also applies to Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Android Box and Android TV, such as Sony, TCL, Hisense and Sharp.

Aptoide TV for Android Box, Mi Box, Android TV box

Aptoide TV serves as a viable alternative to the Google Play Store for Android TV and Mi Box S devices. By offering a distinct app store, Aptoide TV presents content curated for an enhanced user experience. Notably, Aptoide TV excels in UI optimization, providing a visually appealing interface specifically designed for larger screen devices like high-definition televisions from renowned brands such as Sony, Sharp, TCL, Nvidia Shield Pro, and Mi Box S. This ensures a seamless and visually pleasing experience on FHD and UHD scales.

Download and install Aptoide TV apk on Mi Box or Android TV

Aptoide is considered as an alternative to Google Play Store, and it accepts more apps that were rejected by Google Play Store. Hence, you can not directly install it from Google Play Store on Android TV.

note: You can not navigate to this URL from your Android TV as there is no web browser built in.

Download Aptoide TV apk on Mi Box or Android TV

Download Aptoide TV APK from its official site: and save it to an USB thumb drive.

The search and install: Smart TV APK downloader in Google Play store on TV, open it, and you can sideload the apk from USB. (If your device doesn’t have an USB port, you can copy the link of Aptoide TV apk and use Smart TV APK downloader to download and install it.

YouTube Video Tutorial:

APKs that you can install with Aptoide TV

Apps such as Chrome and ZOOM can both be found in Aptoide TV market, just browse in the store and find your favorites.

This ES File Explorer method no longer works as this app had already been removed from Google Play Store for months

Using ES file explorer to install it (obsolete)

Launch ES File Explorer, and browse to the USB drive you inserted into your Android TV or Mi Box, and navigate to the Aptoide TV apk file you downloaded previously by a PC, and click install.

ES file explorer download

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