How to setup Mail Server and Webmail Server for Windows? – Tutorial video

How to setup mail server and webmail server for Windows 7/8.1 or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016?

If you ever think about setting up a mail server for yourown or for your company, here is an easy way to do so. With EVO Mail Server, you can create a mail server on various Windows platforms with minimal effort.

Here is a brief instruction to install and configure a mail server that comes with webmail service:

  1. Download EVO Mail Server and EVOServ Webmail and ECM component from EVO’s official website and install evoms_en.msi or evoms64_en.msi first depending bit-version of your Windows OS.
  2. Open EVO Mail Server GUI and click on START to initiate mail service in Status page.
  3. Go to Setting page and enter your domain name, such as
  4. Go to Account page, and click New to create the first e-mail account.
  5. Open Outlook and use Add New Account wizard to create the mail account we just created. Manually enter mail server host name, such as, and change Encryption method to STARTTLS.
  6. Click on New Email button to test ssending e-mail message.
  7. In EVO Mail Server’s Log page, activities can be observed for reference.
  8. Extract file to C:\ and run batch file described in this video to install and start webmail service.
  9. Click on Compose button to test sending e-amil message.
  10. Also, in EVO Mail Server’s Log page, activities can be observed for reference.
  11. Lastly, to extend mail service across Internet, click on add to exception list next to Windows Firewall setting next to 3. Server Setting status in Status page..

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