How to record Skype video and calls?

How to record Skype video and calls?

There are occasions we like to record our Skype audio and video conference calls with others. However, this type of recording involves legal matter and we need to make sure we get consent of any sort from the other parties.

There is a PC recording/capturing software called Bandicam. I think it works quite well on recording/capturing whatever I do on my PC. You can use it to record your Skype video and audio calls.


Once you launch Bandicam, simply click on Screen Recording mode button between Game Recording and Device Recording modes.


There will appear a blue rectangle and you can define dimension of this recording parameters and fit it to size of your Skype box.


When you click on REC button at top-right, the recording will begin and frame of recording parameter will turn red. Then, we can do a test by calling Echo / Sound Test Service.

how to record skype call

Bandicam is convenient, easy-to-use and yet powerful. Though its price is a little higher, we can ask around and see if any of our friends want to buy 2 and save up to 25%.

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