How to install XBOX GAMEPASS on Xiaomi Mi Box S?

Stadia is Google’s new cloud gaming platform that lets you instantly play video games on screens you already own. Stream games directly to your favorite devices such as Mi Box S or Android phone.

Play Microsoft XBOX GAMEPASS on TV

It is convenient to play games on phone, but for most of the AAA gaming titles, you probably want to play it on TV or Mi Box / Nvidia Shield TV. But when you are looking for the GAMEPASS app in Google Play store on TV, you can’t find it.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV

Microsoft XBOX Game Cloud

If you are not a Google but a Microsoft fan, you may also want to sideload install XBOX Game Cloud to your Mi Box Android TV device. watch this video to install XBOX Game Cloud APK to your newest Android TV device.

Microsoft XBOX GAME PASS on Android TV


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