How to change language in Windows 10

How to change language in Windows 10

Changing Windows 10’s system language is simple. You can even change the region if you want.


Step 1. In Windows 10, open Windows Settings, click Time & Language

how to change language in windows 10

Step 2. Click on Region & Language to the let. Add language if necessary or choose Language in the middle.

windows 10 change system language

Step 3. After sign out Windows and sign in again, and the UI language is changed.

How to change Country or region in Windows 10

Follow the same steps above, you can change the country and region in Windows 10. After you change the country or region, you may find that something in Windows Store appears or disappears. The price becomes more expensive or cheaper. It’s pretty interesting to see that. If you have a payment method in that country or region, you can probably buy software or games at a lower price.

forza horizon in us store

Forza Horizon 3 costs $59.99 in the United State store

forza horizon in china store

Forza Horizon 3 costs around $37 in the China store

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