How to find IMEI on Android or iPhone

How to find IMEI on Android or iPhone

The IMEI number of a smartphone is a unique identifier for that phone only. In theory, there exists no two devices sharing the same IMEI. So the IMEI is often used for tracking stolen or lost phones on invetigating criminal activities.

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Keep in mind that no mater how many different SIM cards you insert into the same phone, the IMEI is always the same. So don’t mislead yourself of thinking others can’t track you if you change a sim card on the same phone.

Find the IMEI on Android

Tap Settings, About phone, Status and you can find the IMEI information.

Find the IMEI on iPhone

Tap Settings, General, About, IMEI can be found here.

Find the IMEI without opening the phone

You can try to locate the IMEI in the back of your iPhone. Or eject your SIM card slot/try to remove the battery from your Android and find it near the SIM slot.

Find the IMEI using dial number pad

Try simply dialing *#06# on number pad. In the most case, the IMEI will show up.

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