Gmail Exchange ActiveSync alternative settings

Gmail Exchange ActiveSync settings

Google’s Gmail
Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) server settings are much more powerful than regular IMAP/POP3 email protocols. For example, you can receive new messages in real-time with ActiveSync. You can also synchronize not only email messages but also calendar, contacts and tasks with Gmail/Google services if your account has access to ActiveSync protocols.

Here are the settings for Gmail Exchange ActiveSync for email programs or clients.

Gmail Exchange ActiveSync server address:
Gmail Exchange ActiveSync domain: google
Gmail Exchange ActiveSync usernamefull email address (e.g. [email protected])
Gmail Exchange ActiveSync password: gmail password
Gmail Exchange ActiveSync TLS/SSL required: yes

Gmail Exchange ActiveSync alternative settings

If Exchange ActiveSync isn’t available in your gmail account, there are alternative protocols for you to use in your Outlook 2016 programs.

Email: IMAP4, we recommend you to use IMAP4 protocol instead of POP3 protocol, IMAP4 protocol is more convenient and powerful than POP3, such has folder structure and email message flags.
Contacts: Gmail provides CardDAV protocol and Gmail contact API protocol in addition to Exchange ActiveSync.
Calendars: Gmail provides CalDAV protocol and Google Calendar API protocol in addition to Exchange ActiveSync.
Tasks: Gmail provides Google Tasks API protocol in addition to Exchange ActiveSync.

How to sync Gmail’s email with Push notification, contacts, calendars and tasks with Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007

If you are a user of Microsoft Outlook in Office 365, you can only add Gmail account using IMAP4, you will not be able to enjoys Push email, contacts, calendar and tasks syncing services unless your account has support to Exchange ActiveSync.

To solve this issue, we recommend you a very powerful Outlook add-in programs called EVO Collaborator for Outlook. With this add-in, you will be able to do all the above missing features we mentioned above in Outlook.

TCO of syncing contacts, calendar, and tasks in business environment

Many companies ranging from medium to large scale deploy Office 365 or GSuite for Business. They may be financially capable of doing so. For small business owners, paying annually USD$50 and up per company’s employee is really not a pleasant thing to do. EVO Collaborator for Outlook’s permanent license helps alleviating the money issue. Yet, there is a value pack of paying full price of 3 licenses and getting 5 licenses can really ease up TCO even more. In case you like to also host your own mail server or collaboration service platform, a combination of EVO Mail Server  and EVO Collaborator for Outlook provides a decent option at even lower TCO than other solutions.

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