How to fix dolphin emulator Android black screen (while you hear sound)

Dolphin emulator Android black screen (while you hear sound)

Just got our hands on latest Huawei Mate 20 Android smartphone with a very fast KIRIN 980 SOC, we can’t wait to try if it can run Wii/GameCube emulator dolphin smoothly on it.

When you start the emulator, select the game folder and you can now see a list of ISO in the device as the following.

We are so excited to launch a game, however we saw a terrible black screen, and if we push any button, we start to hear sounds.

We spend several hours trying to google the solution online, and we saw a lot of useless attempts and finally found the correct solution.

Fix dolphin emu android black screen problem

The source of this problem is not related to any dolphin emu graphic setting or hacks, it’s related to the device’s auto rotate feature, to fix this black screen problem, you first have to enable the auto-rotate for your android smart phone.

Then, before you start to launch the game, put your device horizentally, like the following.

Then, start the game, you will see the graphic to appear normally.

How to tweak dolphin emu to make it faster using Huawei Mate 20

To run the game at full speed (60fps), it’s possible to do it with Huawei Mate 20 KIRIN 980 SOC, you will have to do 2 settings.

  1. go to settings, battery, turn on performance mode
  2. in dolphin, disable dual core (just use one core, because not all cores are high performance cores)

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