Where to find control panel in Windows 10?

Where to find Control Panel in Windows 10?

Control Panel has always been a great tool for us to configure Windows since the age of Windows 3.1. When Windows 8 came out, most Windows users were complaining about the disappearing Start button and hard-to-find Control Panel. Unless you use utility software such as START 8 to resurrect both Start button and Control Panel location, you will have a hard time.


In Windows 10, it is easier to find Control Panel. All you have to do is to type in “c” in Search the web and Windows and the Control Panel will appear at top of the search result:


For your convenience in the future, you can right-click on Control Panel in the search result and you will see Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar. Then, click on anyone of them to create a shortcut.


In my own opinion, Windows 10’s Settings is less useful than Control Panel for me. I sometimes get lost in Settings.


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