Mi Box Music Player for Android TV

Looking for a music player app for Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV stick or cube? Yes I am not talking about the cloud music streaming service like Apple Music, Spotify or anything like that.

We all had some CD or MP3 collections and it’s surprising to find out that you can’t play them on the Mi Box or Android TV. Not many people are often using a PC right now so why turn it on just for playing back some music files.

Music Player for Android TV

Music Player for Android TV is a nice little APP that simply playback music files for you on Mi Box and Android TV systems, it’s available in Google Play Store TV and Amazon App Store TV.

Feature hilights

  • Plays mp3, flac, m4a, ogg and other audio formats supported by Android OS
  • Read and display meta tags and covers from music files
  • Being able to play songs continuously with a folder
  • Support M3U playlist files (requires UTF8 encoding)

Tutorial YouTube Video

Browse your music folders and files in USB drive
Music files in list view with thumbnails
Full screen music player
Browse for other music files while playing back music
Support UTF8 playlist file format M3U8
Read ID3 tag and metadata, embedded images from songs

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