How to install APK on Android TV from USB

Recently, most of the TV brands are aready releasing Android TV based Smart LED or QLED TVs. You can’t imagine that if there is still a TV which is not capable of playing YouTube videos or playing Games.

Smart TV – Android TV based

Many of the TV systems come with Google Play store, you may find that not everything you want can be found in this Google Play store, so what happens when you want to install a downloaded APK to your TV via USB drive? Usually nothing happens when you insert the USB flash drive to your Android TV box.

Installing APK to Android TV from USB

Basically this method is not recommended by Google, so this operation is not enabled by default, however you can still do it with proper software, and here it is: MiBox APK installer for Android TV

This tiny app enables Android TV or TV boxes to sideload install APK from USB thumb drive.

Tutorial Video:

Install APK to Android TV without USB

How to install APK on Android TV

Nvidia Shield Android TV box

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