How to install APK on Galaxy Watch 5 (Wear OS)

Sideload APK on Wear OS

Installing an APK on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 can be challenging due to the complete disabling of the “INSTALL UNKNOWN APPS” option. However, this obstacle doesn’t prevent us from unlocking its full potential and installing APKs on the device. Let’s explore an easy method to accomplish this.

Install APK on Galaxy Watch

Is there any simpler method?

Since I only own the Galaxy Watch and haven’t tried other Wear OS devices, I cannot confirm if the “INSTALL UNKNOWN APPS” feature is also absent on them. If this feature is available, the process might be simpler. You can follow the steps outlined in this video if “INSTALL UNKNOWN APPS” is not missing on your smartwatch.

Despite the fact that the video is intended for TVs, the procedure remains unchanged for smartwatches.

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