How to setup an FTP server on Android TV

Transfer files to your Android TV using FTP

Can files be transferred to an Android TV or Google TV device over WiFi, even if the device lacks a USB port, for the purpose of sideloading the APK onto the TV or media playback? Yes, it is indeed possible by utilizing the S2X app. This application enables the transfer of files of all kinds from an Android smartphone or an FTPS client to the TV, facilitating direct installation of the APK on the TV without the need for any additional assistance.

Set up an FTP server or run an FTP client on your TV?

There are situations where you may want to run an FTP server on your TV, while in other cases, running an FTP client on your TV is necessary. Regardless of your specific requirements, S2X is the ideal solution as it offers both FTP server and FTP client functionalities within a single app. By running S2X on both your phone and TV, you can conveniently connect by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need for any setup and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Running an FTP server on Android TV

Transfer files to Android TV from PC FTP client

Running an FTP client on Android TV

Running an FTP server on Fire TV, Fire Stick

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