5 most commonly used web browsers

Which web browser do you want to use today?

Facing so many different web browsers, I’m sure we all have our favorite go-to browser. Or perhaps you are using whatever your OS provides you by default.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most commonly used web browsers and compare them. Shall we?

  1. Google Chrome has become very popular since its release back in 2008. It is the most popular among windows users mainly for its ease of use and its speed. Users can click a few buttons to easily add extensions to Chrome. The downside of Chrome is that it consumes a LOT of RAM and thus slows down your PC. Google offers this web browser for free here. Also check out Google Chrome Cast while you are there! It’s a great product.
  2. This browser comes standard on any OS X machines and iOS devices. It’s Apple’s stock browser and it works really well for its smooth performance on anything related to Apple.
    There used to be Windows users installing this on their Windows PC too. For those who also would like to give it a try, it is a pity that Apple stopped releasing the Windows version some time ago. This stylish browser can only stay on Apple’s OS X and iOS.
  3. You’ve probably seen the recognizable big red O icon of Opera browser at some point unless you have been living under a rock since its release wayyyy back in 1995. You were probably too busy checking all the amazing movies released in that year. Opera was developed in Europe and it is available for free. It is available onplatofrms including Windows, iOS and Linux. It comes with a built-in ad blocker,  battery saver and  free VPN! Great for those of us on the go. Grab your free download here. By the way, Opera is now own by a China company called 360 Total Security which provides quality antivirus software.
  4. Internet Explorer (IE Browser) was released in the same year as Opera. This browser has always been the   default browser on any version of Windows until Microsoft’s Edge in Windows 10.Lots of users use it mainly to download Google Chrome and then put it back on shelf. Why? IE Browser seems to receive a lot of hate from users. However, I don’t feel it’s all that bad as it used to be.  As the forerunner of the internet browsers we know and use today, it is a classic that may have lost its shine but still does the job.
  5. Before Google Chrome  came out, many people were using Firefox as the web browser alternative to IE and Safari. This 3rd party browser developed by Mozilla allows a wide range of add-ons and is running at great speed.It was originally developed under the name Phoenix back in 2002 but they ended up renaming it to Firefox. At the end of 2009, Firefox was briefly the most used browser around the globe. Imagine that! Wanna know why? Why not give it a try since it’s offered free right here.

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