How to setup VPN connection in Windows 10

How to setup VPN connection in Windows 10

Setting up a VPN connection in Windows 10 isn’t hard, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. (we’ll explain how to fix this later)

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Step 1. Open Settings

vpn connection windows 10Step 2. Click Network & Internet, click VPN and Add a VPN connection

add a vpn connection

Step 3. Enter the server’s host name or IP address, username and password. Now, it’s done?! Probably not.


Sometimes even if your VPN server IP address, username and password are all correct, you still can’t connect to the VPN server successfully. The reasons can be complicated, but in this case, you can try to use a dedicated VPN client utility to solve this issue.

If you are looking for a reliable VPN service provider, we recommend you this VyprVPN, because it works on almost all devices.

Connecting to VPN server using SmartVPN client software

Smart VPN client is a VPN client utility made by DrayTek, a VPN router hardware vendor. Since they know a lot about VPN, they make a better client configuration utility than Windows does.

Step 1. Download and install Smart VPN client.

Step 2. Open it and try to create a new connection. During the configuration, you get to choose the encryption and authentication method to be used.


Step 3. This is where the difference is made. For some reason, you can try different combinations here to find out which configuration actually works. Then, a connection can be made successfully. This is because a connection to certain country sometimes needs to be encrypted while sometimes it can not be encrypted or it will be prohibited. You have to trial and error to find out because there is no definitive answer.

Why a VPN connection failed

Let’s assume you have the correct VPN server IP address and username and password and you know the protocol is PPTP or L2TP. But why did the connection still fails? Think about it, what do you need a VPN for? To hide your IP address? To breakthrough a network infrastructure? Technically, VPN can be blocked easily, but why it is not blocked in most cases? Since the guys behind the scene figure out it it not meant to be blocked, they try to regulate how VPN are supposed to be encrypted and run in a managed manner. As a result, they set different restrictions. If your VPN connection configuration does not meet their requirements, you get blocked. Some requires you to encrypt the session while some does not allow you to encrypt the session. Since they will never tell you the secret, you have to try it out yourself with Smart VPN client.

And in the most of the time, it is just because the VPN passthrough option is not turned on in your router… nobody is blocking you at all.

vpn passthrough

VPN providers

Here is a list of VPN providers, contact us if you want to provide more information.

VPN providers

If you are looking for a reliable VPN service provider, we recommend you this VyprVPN, because it works on almost all devices.

Wanna know more about VPN?

Here is a starter guide for VPN. Take a look if you like.

What is a VPN?

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