Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

There is one weird phenomena in recent years. Many people switch from Android to iPhone or the other way around each year as new model is coming out. During switching over, transferring contacts from one to another becomes a big issue.

Of course, you can save all your contacts into vcard files somewhere and then do the export/import drills. However, some of your contacts may be deleted some time ago while some of them had been changed in content. Import/export is not efficient at all because you need to scan through contacts and make sure you have the most updated version of it.

Around two years ago, EVO Collaborator for Outlook (aka ECO) changed the way people transfer contacts from one platform to another. As you know, Android is representing Google account while iPhone is representing iCloud account. Transferring between Android and iPhone literally means transferring between Gmail and iCloud accounts. ECO has a feature of C2C (Cloud-to-Cloud) with which we can simultaneously connect to both accounts and copy-and-paste contacts from one to another on-the-fly.

Let’s find out how to transfer contacts between Android and iPhone using EVO Collaborator for Outlook: (we do from Android to icloud in the following example)

  1. Install EVO Collaborator for Outlook with Run as administrator
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Set up both Google and iCloud accounts in Configure profile(s)
  4. Synchronization of both accounts with Outlook will take place
  5. Click on Explore server button on ECO ribbon at the top
  6. Click on Google account profile to the left
  7. Use Alt+A hotkey to select all contacts in the middle column
  8. Click on C2C Cloud to Cloud Copy button at bottom
  9. Select iCloud account in Choose destination profile window and click on Choose button
  10. The duplicate process will start

The time required by this copying process depends on the amount of contact entries you have. During transfer process, ECO may freeze and you will not see any progress. This is normal and you do not have to worry about it. Once it is complete, you will see number of entries successfully transferred and number of fails.

By: CJ

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