Import Yahoo calendar to Google calendar (includeing recurring events) – Tutorial video

Import Yahoo calendar to Google calendar (including recurring events)

If you ever think about migrating your Yahoo calendars to your new Google Calendar, here is a more efficient way to do so. With EVO Collaborator for Outlook, you can link to both of your Yahoo and Gmail accounts under Windows Outlook software and duplicate entries from one to another just like drag & drop.

Here is a brief instruction to duplicate entries from Yahoo to Google Calendar:

  1. Download EVO Collaborator for Outlook from EVO’s official website and install it.
  2. Open Outlook and configure profiles in Configure Profile(s) under EVO ribbon.
  3. Enter your account in YAHOO! – not configured slot and click on TEST button to continue authentication (Yahoo requires app-specific password. Here is how to get the app password). Enter your Gmail account in Gmail – not configured slot and click on TEST button to proceed OAuth.
  4. After initial synchronization is complete, Entries on the cloud will be synced to local Outlook.
  5. Click on Explore server button above CalDAV actions for contacts.
  6. Use hotkey of Shift+Mouse click to multi-select entries you like to duplicate from Yahoo to Google Calendar.
  7. Then, click on C2C Cloud to Cloud Copy to wrap up duplicating process.

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