How to launch app on boot on Android TV

Launching an app on boot on a smart tv device is often needed in the following scenarios.

  1. Using the TV as a Smart Display (KIOSK) to show photo slideshow or video slideshow
  2. Using the TV in commercial places such as gallery or shop so you want to turn on the TV and go directly into your custom application app.
  3. Using the TV box as an emulation game box, if the frontend supports being a launcher, such as pegasus.
  4. Using the TV for the elderly or young kids, so you want it to open YouTube when TV is turned on.

It’s definitely not for end-users but this is needed for the above cases. Unfortunately this has not been possible because Google is very strict on launching any app on boot, that is probably because there were too many unwelcome apps added to the startup list in Android History.

Luckily there is a solution now

Now it’s possible to launch app on boot on almost all (well I just list devices I have tested, I can not guarantee 100%) MiBox (Android TV 9), Mi TV stick (Android TV 10), Onn TV (Android TV 10), TiVO Stream 4k (Android TV 10), Nvidia Shield TV (Android TV 11), Google TV (Android TV 12)

So let’s get it done, watch the following 2 tutorial videos.

Launch APP on BOOT Android TV 9-12 setup
ADB guide to disable default launcher

Please watch the above videos carefully, be sure to install at least one or two Android TV compatible LAUNCHERs as backups before you do it.

Additional information

LAUNCH ON BOOT app (works up to Android 9)

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