How to install OPENVPN connect to Chromecast with Google TV (MiBox, Mi TV Stick, Android TV)

Can you use an OPENVPN client on Google TV? The 3rd party app from the Google Play Store TV market isn’t fully compatible with Android 10+ on Google TV, making it unable to import ovpn files from storage. However, you can sideload the official OPENVPN Connect app APK from a USB drive to your Google TV devices. Watch the tutorial for instructions.


Want to install OpenVPN Connect on your Mi TV, MiBox, or Mi TV Stick? It’s not available in the Google Play Store for Android TV. However, you can sideload OpenVPN Connect to your Android TV by watching this instructional video.

OPENVPN from the Google Play store TV

If you are downloading the OPENVPN (different from the above) from the Google Play store on TV, you will encounter a problem loading .ovpn file from USB or disk. Please watch this video to see how to resolve it:

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