How to extract APK on Android TV & Fire TV (Fire TV stick)

Extracting APK on Android TV and Fire TV

Is there an easy way to extract/backup installed application’s APK from Android TV or Fire TV (also works on Android Phone)? Yes it’s so easy, you just need to know how. With this method, you can even dig out some hidden applications in different brands of Android TV, for example, there is an joystick test app in NVIDIA SHIELD, and in Amazon Fire TV, there are hidden developer monitor app X-Ray too. works on all kinds Android TV such as NVIDIA SHIELD, MIBOX, MI TV STICK, FIRE TV, ONN, TIVO STREAM 4K.

For example, there are 2 very special apps that you can extract from Fire TV, the YouTube and YouTube kids, these 2 apps are special builds of YouTube and they don’t require Google Service Framework, so if you install them on other Android devices without GMS (such as Huawei phones and tablets, Fire Tablets and Some Android TV boxes without GMS), they will still work perfectly.

Other utilities to extract APK on Android phones

Apk Extractor

Extract APK from Google Play

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