How to create email signature in Outlook 2016

How to create email signature in Outlook 2016

Do you know that Outlook 2016 can append a signature to each email message for you automatically? It’s not hard to do that. After you read this tutorial, you can do it in a few minutes.

  1. Click File in Outlook and click Options.outlook-signature-1
  2. Select the Mail category.outlook-signature-2
  3. Click Signatures.outlook-signature-3
  4. Click New under Select signature to edit.
  5. Enter a name for the signature.

Creating email signature using 3rd party Outlook add-ins or WebApps

If you are looking for more powerful customization of the Outlook email signatures, perhaps you can try some of the 3rd party add-ins. Here are some of the best email signature add-ins we’ve found.

  • Live Signatures – Live Signatures is an easy and handy add-in for Microsoft Outlook for automatic substitution of actual data in outgoing messages. A wide set of macros will allow you to automatically insert text into E-mails from other messages or local files, use changeable/variable signatures in the messages, enrich the messages with the statements of famous people (or your own expressions). Because of the macros system, you can insert auto-text or signatures only in the necessary messages, or also in all messages once the macro Live Signatures is added to the signatures of Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, this add-in for Outlook gives a possibility to enhance the number of macros by creating or linking them up.
  • Wise Stamp – Instead of an add-in, Wise Stamp is an online email signature generator. You can create your free email signature with WiseStamp, an easy-to-use signature generator.

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