How to install chrome on Mi Box Android TV

Sideload Chrome to Android TV

Mi Box and Android TV boxes are the best devices for your living room. They can act as a media player, video player, photo player and even gaming consoles. However, they have one major drawback, there is no pre-installed web browser.

We know that Google doesn’t want you to use Google Chrome on TV but that doesn’t stop us from doing it. Actually, if you want to publish a web browser app in Google Play store for TV, it may also be disapproved by the team.

Installing Chrom through Aptoide app store for TV

The easist way is to install it through Aptoide TV app market, please watch this tutorial video, it is also possible to download the APK from web and sideload it with MiBox Apk installer for Android TV, however you will need to pick correct Apk for your TV architecture which is a little bit difficult.

Install or sideload Google Chrom to Android TV or Mi Box

Install Firefox web browser to Mi Box

If chrome is not your favorite you have another choice, the Firefox has an Android TV version, and it worked really well on TV, it does support mouse in addition to the DPAD remote, here is a tutorial about how to install Firefox browser on Mi Box.

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