Whats the best fast food ?

Fastfood or Junkfood?

Many long nights behind the screen leave me craving some junk food every now and then. I am glad I live in a neighborhood that never sleeps and it allows me to buy junk food 24/7 under these “emergency” situations.

Of course, grabbing the same food time and time again gets me a little sick. So, I tend to switch it up a bit. Thought I’d list a few of my favorites to keep my game fueled nights going strong.

  1. McDonald’s – McDonald’s has been the classic, the one we all know and love from our childhood. We could spot that shiny big M from miles away. Our parents often took a detour before we caught the sign and complained about wanting some Mickey D’s. I fondly still remember every Wednesday night after school my dad would take me there. I’d get a big ‘ol box of nuggets and large fries loaded with salt. They also got great offers for breakfast as well, which is nice for adult me who partied all night and now needs hangover food. The dollar menu gets you some simple but nice burgers, hash browns, fries or ice cream. Can’t go wrong with McDonald’s really.
  2. Burger King: Home of the whooper! It is a darn tasty burger if I do say so myself. Burger King opened back in 1954 on the year my dad was born. So, it’s been around for a while. And for good reason, their  flame grilled burgers and special style fries keep me coming back every now and then.Don’t really have one near my place. So, whenever I see one, I pop in. Did you know for the release of Windows 7, Burger King in Japan released the Windows 7 Whopper? 7 flame grilled patties stacked on top, weighing in at almost 1 KG and 1000+ calories, which is a bit much even after a night of drinking haha.
  3. MOS BURGER: Taiwan, Korea,Japan and Germany, I know for sure, are lucky enough having the freshly made MOS Burger burgers, fries and desserts available to them. Most products are made fresh when you order unlike some other fast food places that keep food under a heat lamp all day.One of my favorites is the rice burger with Japanese style grilled beef, a healthier alternative to the bread version. Their fries are freshly fried when you order and you can choose between french fries, thick cut or any seasonal type of fries on offer. It’s right around the corner from me so I tend to pick up some snacks once a week or so,mostly on the weekends.

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