Transfer files from one Android phone to another (peer to peer, encrypted, IPv6, FTPS)

Consider this scenario: You need to transfer files from one Android phone to another, whether it’s from your old phone to your new one or when sharing files with a friend. What options do you have?

If both phones are of the same brand, you might be able to utilize file sharing protocols specifically designed for these devices. However, in most cases, file sharing protocols from different manufacturers are incompatible with each other.

Is there a way to securely transfer files between two Android phones of different brands using Wi-Fi or mobile data networks, ensuring end-to-end encryption, without any data passing through the cloud?

Here’s the solution: download S2X File Manager from the Google Play Store on both phones. This app enables you to create secure file transfer sessions between the two devices. Once you have it installed, we’ll guide you through how to use it effectively.

Let’s watch this video to understand the process of transferring files between two Android devices. Although the video demonstrates how to transfer from a phone to a TV, the steps remain the same if you want to transfer files between two phones.

Recent Update:

In the latest version of S2X, users can take advantage of the IPv6 network. This enables direct device connections in the following scenarios:

  1. Two Android devices on the same WiFi network.
  2. One Android device connected to a WiFi router with a WAN IP, and another device using a mobile data network.
  3. Both Android devices connected to mobile data networks (At least one of these phones requires an IPv6 global accessible IP address).

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