How to auto BCC myself Outlook 2016? – Tutorial video

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If you ever think about auto BCC‘ing yourself or your boss on some or all outgoing e-mail for followup on some project, here is a simple solution to do so. With Power Toys for Outlook,  you can configure rules or conditions to regulate whether or not outgoing e-mails should be forwarded to other e-mail recipients via BCC.

Here is a brief instruction to setup Auto BCC rules:

  1. Download Power Toys for Outlook from EVO’s official website and install it.
  2. Open Outlook and click on Configure Auto BCC rule under Power Toys ribbon.
  3. Enter your another e-mail address account in
  4. Enter your Gmail e-mail address account, which you use under Outlook.
  5. Try writing a test mail in Outlook and go to your Gmail mail box to verify if the e-mail message has been BCC’d.

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